The courtesy box to the upper right (under the picture) reflects the status of other visitors. It presents the time since the last visit, whether anyone has indicated LOGGED IN status, the IP address of the previous log action, and your IP address. This allows one to refrain from operating the train while another operator is present as indicated by a red LOGGED IN status. Please use the box to the left to log in when you arrive and intend to operate the train. Doing this will warn others not to interfere. Log out when you are finished.

Locomotive A initially runs on the outer loop, Locomotive B runs on the inner loop. Both are normally parked in plain view of Camera 1.

The switches may be used to move locomotives between loops and a locomotive may be parked on the siding.

Camera 2 provides an overhead view of the layout and uses the machine vision system to track Locomotive B and keep it in view. Camera 3 may be panned right or left as desired, simply click the the position you want.


Visit the movie page for a demonstration of the basic operation of the Internet Model Railroad. Controls allow selection of the direction and speed of each locomotive, click as desired.

Select large or small pictures as bandwith conditions require. The page starts with the large picture from Camera 1 but if the video is intermittent or excessively jerky try the small and lower resolution picture.

The Loop switch, visible in Camera 3 and Camera 2 when panned allows the locomotives to travel between loops.

The TRIP GO function runs locomotive B on a programmed route that starts at the house and ends at the house. The system uses a video camera and an IR LED on the locomotive to track position. The locomotive will make a lap then stop at the station to unload cargo. It will then back out of the station, cross over to the outer loop, pull up behind locomotive A and then return to the starting point. For reliable results always start a trip on the south straight. TRIP END will return the system to manual control at any time when pressed.