Upgraded Scintillator

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Upgraded Scintillator

Postby Vernon » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:10 am

As noted on the index page I upgraded the scintillator. I also added a ratio number to the information page. Count numbers are relatively meaningless at first glance especially considering the normal statistical variations. The picture shows data taken with the source in its usual shield about 20 feet away vs on the tool box about 12 feet away. This would not be discernable on a Geiger counter or with the small scintillator and even with this one it doesn't jump out. If, however, you subtract for a base background level (I used 300) and then ratio the CS-137 counts to not CS-137 counts you get a number indicating the relative CS-137. In this example I averaged 7 samples for each case. 1.92 vs 1.65 is more meaningful. If I had the source over here I would get around 10.00
Hollanddata.jpg (59.39 KiB) Viewed 1357 times

The ratio number in the data table on the info page serves a similar function. A nominal normal reading is 1.00. Due to calibration activity today there is some variation in these values - during the day. The night readings of index 8 thru 14 reflect normal conditions.

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