Basic Operating instructions - including automatic trip

General Info On Machine Vision

The top movie demonstrates the basic operation of the Internet Model Railroad and includes the automatic trip feature. The speed and direction of Locomotive A and B can be set as described in the video.

The Loop switch allows the locomotives to travel between loops. Normal operation is STRAIGHT THRU and Locomotive A is run on the outer loop with B on the inner. B may be moved to the outer loop by stopping the B locomotive up screen (far from camera 3), pressing the CONNECT LOOPS button, reversing B, and increasing the speed to transition to the outer loop. Similar procedures will move either locomotive between loops or either locomotive to the siding.

The second video discusses the machine vision system.

Note that I will custom build N scale internet connected control systems. I supply train controls only and the video server is separate and not included. One year of hosting on this site is included and password protection is available as necessary. Control pages without video are available for those wanting local tablet control of trains while the layout is under direct observation.